Welcome, wellness warrior and seeker.   That you are here shows your commitment to living and loving life.

Are you living your life totally flipped on, or do some days feel like your body is on a dimmer switch?   Are you accessing all your creativity, energy, strength, and ease?   Do you feel unstoppable and unconstrained or do you find yourself putting off things until tomorrow because you are tired, not feeling well, out of time, overwhelmed or not sure what next to do?  Sometimes we are drawn outward, searching for the answer somewhere outside of ourself, looking for the expert.   What if in fact it was already inside you?  What if we began a journey to move, breathe and live clean so the reasons that get in the way begin to diminish.  This leaves you operating from optimal health where all the switches are flipped on. 

My journey has had me realize that I  was walking around, without accessing all of me, and as I grew and learned new things, moved my body, took time to find a flow in breathe, and fueled up with powerful pant based products, it was like I began to flip on invisible switches inside for energy, creativity, connection and ease that were hanging out in there dormant.   What I know is that IT IS ALL inside you already, and maybe a few of your awesomeness switches are flipped into the off position.   Time to unleash all you have and flip the switch on for empowered health, balanced energy and vitality so that your are limitless to go and create the life you love, make memories with friends and live fully without constraint.   

Living a flipped life means we are tapping into the synergy of movement, awakening our intuition, empowering our health choices and remembering the infinite intelligence in nature, the complex intelligence of  our body/cells and  the quite intelligence of our intuition.  


The Revolution

*light up your cells and find optimal health*


The answer is in nature. Whole and resilient systems in nature support healthy whole systems in our bodies.  Plants hold many remedies that have been used throughout time and in many cases plant compounds are the inspiration for modern medicines.   Our cells have a complex and intrinsic intelligence, going about their work in our bodies without us having to think about it.  It's really a miracle that we are mostly a passenger in this complex coordinated system.  Let the intrinsic intelligence of essential oils work with the intelligence of our cells to support the body systems working optimally.  When our cells are tally, our systems run smooth and we have access to natural energy and vitality.  There may some systems running below par and our commitment is to get those flipped on to rock your wellness goals.


The Movement

*light up your mind and find your flow*


There is magic in movement. The ebb and flow of breath and energy as the intelligence of the body is awakened.  The universal knowing of our spirit that is a whisper can be heard when the chatter of our busy overrun mind is quiet.  And the limitless energy of our spirit is awakened when physical tension is release and we find ease in our body and generosity in our thoughts.  Our commitment is that through movement (be it yoga or run classes) we listen to the whispers that guide us, tap into our intrinsic strength and flip that switch on to carry with us into the rest of our life.  Flip on curiosity, confident, strength and ease.


The Giving

*light up your heart and watch life expand*


When hearts expand so does life. We know that when we give, our hearts expand, our connections multiply and our impact ripples beyond our current reach.   ditto means to duplicate... and our commitment is that together we tell a story through our actions of duplicating wellness and an economy that leaves no one out.   Project ditto is our passion project that brings this dream to life.  When you make a great choice for your health and attend a class, we feed an undernourished kid in Toronto a meal.   Food is medicine, love and fuel to create their healthy dream future.