What would our yoga and run programs look like?

My mission: To spark vitality in our communities by designing classes, programs and educational workshops that are challenging, technical, energetic and spirited with energy and support!  I believe that, "When sweat meets a smile, things shift, exercise becomes training, and healthy becomes who you are, not what you do". Its a magical moment when you tap into your potential and find — more strength, more energy and more balance — so that you can get out there and live bigger in everything you love to do in life. 

In this mission, I work closely with runners helping you find more strength, speed, agility and health in your training programs.  My vision is to amplify the synergies between run and yoga communities and look at training through a new lens that will help runners find longevity in their sport keeping them in their sneakers for decades.  These programs create new spaces where runners can take their training off road, onto the mat: the grace of yoga meets the fluidity and drive of running... perfect!

I also focus on developing educational workshops on therapeutic grade essential oils to share the endless possibilities of empowered health and plant based alternatives!



yoga manifesto:

There are smiles between sets and breathe as our foundation.  We OM and lunge and flow and breath together in interactive classes built for you and your constantly changing goals.




run manifesto:

There is magic in running.  The flow in each stride, the discovery in each breathe and the 'arriving' at each finish line.  Our programs are built with stride, strength and stretch components to keep your training fresh.